Memory Bubbles - Windows Phone Game

Memory Bubbles is a fun game combining the bubble pop experience with a memory exercise. Enjoy popping bubbles and train your mind!

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Pop bubbles, remember the hidden numbers and follow the rules (pop bubbles with matching or consecutive numbers). If your memory is good, then you’ll get a lot of stars and points. The game becomes more difficult and addictive as you progress to higher levels. There’s no time limit – pop bubbles at your own pace – the purpose of the game is to train your brain in a fun approach.

Can you get 5 stars for each single level? What is the maximum amount of points you can get on this game? How good is your memory? After you finished the game, can you get more points and beat your own record?

Additional features:
- Theme selection (pick your favorite bubble styles)
- Over 100 levels for hours of fun
- Multiple colors and patterns (circle, rectangle, heart, honeycomb, etc)

And yes, the game is completely free.

MemoryBubbles MemoryBubbles - Chapter 1 MemoryBubbles - Chapter 2 MemoryBubbles - Chapters MemoryBubbles - Red Bubbles MemoryBubbles - Theme Selection